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Birthdate:Jul 23
Location:California, United States of America
Website:Luna's art

I'm Stephanie. Hi.

Don't add me if:

-you don't wanna know horribly intimate details about me
-you won't respect my opinions or preferences
-you don't tolerate shipping

Quick bio:
I'm spastic because I'm bipolar. I get all the perks that come with being manic, hence the fandoms. Depression sucks, though.

The X-Files, Doctor Who, Sonic the Hedgehog, ER, NCIS, Lie to Me, Friends, and a few I'm sure I'm forgetting. Sonic and the TARDIS are decals on my car, though.

Journal purpose:
Pour my heart out because people telling me to shut up or grow up is hurtful.

Journal type: FRIENDS ONLY.
Susan: "Oh my god, what is that? *points at humongous glasses he's handing her*"
Bartender: "Two 'sacrificial virgins.'"
Susan: "How much alcohol is in there?"
Bartender: "Enough to make you forget you're being hurled into a volcano."
Susan: "Ah, I get it. ..I think."
Dr. Morgenstern: "Listen, Carter, what's the difference between a urethra and a garden hose? ......... Let me tell ya, there's a vas deferens."
Carter: "This place grows on you."
Abby: "So does foot fungus."
Susan (while plastering Carter's leg when he's asleep as a prank): "Why are we doing this?"
Mark: "Because putting his hand in a bucket of warm water would be juvenile."
Carter: "Yeah. I spend 23 hours a day wondering whether we're wrong for each other, wondering whether we've got the energy that we need to get through everything that we seem to get into, whether the baggage we both bring would sink a small ship, but, um, in the 24th hour, I realize I've been thinking about her for 23 hours, and I come back to there's something about her...that I can't stay away from. Something about her that makes me want to... (pauses, then chuckles) her."
Joey: "It just seems so futile. All these women and...nothing. It's like I'm Superman without my powers. I have the cape, and yet I cannot fly."
Chandler: "Now you understand how I feel every single day. The whole world is my lesbian wedding."
Joey: "Man, this is weird. You ever realize Captain Crunch's eyebrows are actually on his hat?"
Chandler: "You think that's what's weird? Joey, the man's been captain of a cereal for the last 40 years."
Chandler "If I'm gonna be an old, lonely man, I'm gonna need a thing, you know, a hook, like that guy on the subway who eats his own face. So I figure I'll be Crazy Man with a Snake, y’know. Crazy Snake Man. And I'll get more snakes, call them my babies, kids will walk past my place, they will run. "Run away from Crazy Snake Man," they'll shout!"
Chandler: (enters with food) "Men are here."
Joey: "We make fire. Cook meat."
Chandler: "Then put out fire by peeing, no get invited back."
Ross: "Look, I don't care-- it starts at eight, we can't be late!"
Phoebe: [Rhyming] "We could not, would not, want to wait."
Melissa: "Why's it so dark in here?"
Mulder: "Because the lights aren't on."
Scully: "Mulder, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you."
Mulder: "If there's an iced tea in that bag, it could be love."
Scully: "Must be fate, Mulder. Root beer."
Agent Kinsley: "Last year was something of a personal revelation. We were doing an exercise called Team Builders where we were given two minutes to build a tower out of ordinary office furniture."
Agent Stonecypher: "When I stood on Mike's shoulders and I put that electric pencil sharpener on top of the pile... we both knew we could never have done it alone."
Mulder: *whispering to Scully* "Kill me now."
Scully: "I'm just constantly amazed by you. You're working down here in the basement, sifting through files and transmissions that any other agent would throw away in the garbage."
Mulder: "Well, that's why I'm in the basement, Scully."
Scully: "You're in the basement because they're afraid of you, of your relentlessness, and because they know that they could drop you in the middle of the desert and tell you the truth is out there and you would ask them for a shovel."
Mulder: "Is that what you think of me?"
Scully: "Well maybe not a shovel. Maybe a back hoe."
Mulder: (going through a suspect's fridge) "Hey Scully, check this out. Mango Kiwi Tropical Swirl. Now we know we're dealing with a madman."
TSA Agent in airport: "NCIS, is that anything like CSI?"
Tony: "Only if you're dyslexic."
(Business as usual for Tony)
McGee: "Blah blah blah computer stuff. ...Blah."
Ducky: *plops a folder on his desk* "Autopsy report."
Abby: "Words. There's so many... words. And things. And stuff. And emotions! Thanks for listening."
Painter: "You know what they say. When life gives you lemons..."
Lightman: "... chuck em' at people."
Clara Musso: "There seems to be a lot of chemistry there with your ex-wife."
Lightman: "Yeah, well there's a lot of chemistry in Chernobyl."
Rose: (holding up her cell phone) "There's no signal. We're out of range. Just a bit."
Ninth Doctor: "Tell you what." (starts fixing her phone) "With just a bit of jiggery-pokery..."
Rose: "Is that a technical term, 'jiggery-pokery?'"
Ninth Doctor: "Yeah, I came first in jiggery-pokery. What about you?"
Rose: "Nah, I failed hullabaloo."
Tenth Doctor: "I'd call you a genius, but I'm in the room."
Sarah Jane: (after wrapping him to look like a mummy) "Okay, that'll have to do."
Fourth Doctor: "How do I look?"
Sarah Jane: "Must've been a nasty accident!"
Fourth Doctor: (deadpan) "Do not provoke me."
"He who eats many prunes sits on toilet many moons." ~Confucius
"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." ~George Carlin
"Procrastination is like masturbation.... it's fun at first, but when you're done, you were just fucking yourself." ~Bruce
"War doesn't determine who's right; it determine's who's left." ~Chinese proverb
"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon." ~Chris Rock

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